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Your breast enhancement is a big deal. Dr. Lowenstein feels that it should be treated as such.

Dr. Lowenstein treats each patient’s breast surgery experience with the importance and individuality it deserves.

Each of Dr. Lowenstein’s patients are different, and no two breasts are alike. With the volume of Dr. Lowenstein’s experience, he knows that each patient will live with the results of his work for years and years to come. His approach to breast surgery and all plastic surgery is to treat each patient as if he was having the surgery himself, and to never settle for less than the best result possible. Dr. Lowenstein is known to say “millimeters matter”, and as such he uses nuances gained from years of refining breast surgery techniques to create an excellent result.

Because patients may vary in their desired outcomes and goals, Dr. Lowenstein finds it critical to educate patients in all aspects of their breast augmentation, breast lift, or breast reduction options. Attention to details allows Dr. Lowenstein to optimize operative planning, surgical technique, and patient outcomes in each individualized case.