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The Ideal Structured Saline Implant


Structured Saline breast implants are the newest breast implant on the market. While filled with saline fluid (the same fluid used in IV infusions and completely safe) they feel and look much more natural than classic saline breast implants. These breast implants have multiple layers, called baffles, through which the saline gently flows. These baffles allow the implant to have more structure and therefore a much more realistic feel. Additionally, these implants don’t ripple like simple saline implants.

The primary advantage to the Ideal structured saline implant is the ability to get a feel similar to silicone gel, without the periodic MRI studies needed for silicone implants to make sure that they are not ruptured. If a structured saline breast implant leaks, the safe saline is absorbed by your body and the breast implant (and your breast) shrink. Patients can be assured that their implants are intact and doing well just by looking in the mirror! With the look and feel similar to silicone gel and the assurances that we are used to with saline implants, the Ideal structured saline breast implants combine the best of both worlds.

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There are not a lot of down sides to structured saline implants. Because of their complex manufacturing, these implants are more expensive than others and this will likely be reflected in the price of the procedure. The Ideal implants come in only one profile, meaning that they only come with a significant projection off of the chest wall. While many patients will like the shape these implants will give your breasts, some may not prefer this and would therefore consider this a disadvantage.

To see if the Ideal Structured Saline breast implant is a good choice for you, make an appointment with Dr. Lowenstein in Santa Barbara to discuss the broad selection of breast implant options that he has available for your breast enhancement. Dr. Lowenstein commonly cares for patients from Ventura, Bakersfield, and Santa Maria, as well as women who come from across the country and across the world.