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Silicone Gel Implants


Smooth round silicone gel breast implants are the most commonly used breast implants because of their natural appearance and feel. The silicone gel in these implants most closely mimics the natural breast tissue, and the ability of the silicone to adapt to different positions within the breast pocket allows for the most natural appearing outcome of the breast implant options. The silicone in these implants are called “Memory Gel” because the gel does not flow out of the breast implant when cut as can be seen in the photo below. Another term for this is “cohesive gel” because the silicone is more gel like and not liquid in nature like old silicone breast implants once were. This provides a very natural tissue-like feel when used for breast implant surgery.
Breast implants

Guide to Breast Augmentation

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Because the silicone gel filling of these implants is not absorbed by the body if a rupture occurs, patients will likely not be aware of any problem with the breast implant by look or feel. Even physical exam by a doctor can miss a leakage from a silicone breast implant These issues are often called “silent ruptures” because of their lack of obvious signs. Because of this, the FDA guidelines for these implants require an MRI study after 3 years and every other year after that to examine the implants to make sure that they are intact. While there has been no linkage of leaking silicone to systemic illness or disease, leaking silicone implants can become firm and sometimes lumpy. MRI checks can help avoid these issues. To see if a silicone breast implant is a good choice for you, make an appointment with Dr. Lowenstein in Santa Barbara to discuss the broad selection of breast implant options that he has available for your breast enhancement. Dr. Lowenstein commonly cares for patients from Ventura, Bakersfield, and Santa Maria, as well as women who come from across the country and across the world.